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Business, store, training, hotel, educational establishment, concessionaire and tourist location

The Matterport system offers a unique vision of your spaces. The visitor takes place in your three-dimensional experience and explores your places and products in a whole new dimension.

MAtterport, What is it?

This technology allows owners of physical spaces (houses, businesses ...) to create a complete 3D digital catalogue of their premises so that they are accessible on any web browser, whether it’s on a phone, a tablet or a computer. With its high definition panoramic images, this technology is particularly suitable for professionals who wish to offer their clients the possibility of visiting their installations without the need of going there physically.

Matterport Dollhouse


The “Dollhouse” is a visualization technology trademarked by Matterport which makes it possible to produce a 3D model of a physical space digitized using devices and applications that are compatible with the standard. This complete three-dimensional scan of the digitized space can be viewed from any angle and the user can wander within and around it at will.

Matterport Floorplans

Floor Plans

For an additional cost, it is possible to produce detailed floor plans of areas that have been digitized with Matterport. Namely, once a physical space has been digitized in its entirety, whether it’s a house, a building site or a showroom, the application makes it possible to produce a complete black and white scale plan with all the measurements of the different walls and of the surfaces occupied by the furniture.

Matterport hotspots Mattertags


When visiting a Matterport virtual home, it is possible to use Mattertags hotspots to attach text markers to specific physical elements. These markers can be used to transmit additional information on certain selected elements such as objects or furniture, but also give users the possibility of making targeted suggestions or comments in the context of collaborative work on a given project.



A Matterport Tour is an incredible tool for boosting user engagement. All it takes is a simple 3D digitization and your space will be made virtually available through fluid, dynamic and immersive navigation. The transition between dollhouse mode and navigation mode as well as the animation that occurs when navigating from one point to the next are designed to be clear and fun to ensure that the visitor spends as much time as possible inside the simulation, and therefore, within your site.


The high definition panoramic models that make up a Matterport tour allow a level of detail that greatly helps the visitor's level of immersion. By adding to this the fluidity of the inter-point transitions and the synthesis of the entire space in the dollhouse visualization mode, you obtain a robust graphical package which greatly consolidates the immersive aspect that it is possible to achieve in a well-designed virtual tour.


360-degree 3D capture is the most compelling and comprehensive way to visualize a physical space, as it allows the visitor to not only walk around the digitized space, but also to look around and even zoom in on details he wants to inspect more closely. Adding to that the ability to tag areas and add text to them via Mattertags, the Matterport tour is one of the best ways to show off a real-life location without the need for physical presence.

Increase in revenue and bookings

Ultimately, increasing guests engagement and immersion, as well as the overall visualization quality of a Matterport virtual tour are all intended to boost the relationship between the business and the customer, and therefore increase the chances of commercial interactions, whether it’s sales, bookings or appointments. In short, a virtual tour aims to stimulate and facilitate exchanges and communication, for both new prospects or returning customers.


Closed circuit

The entire ecosystem in which the Matterport virtual tour technology is encapsulated exists within a closed circuit. This means that the intellectual property as well as the possibilities of customization are limited. It is a turnkey solution, which can be appropriate for certain types of tours, but which can also quickly become too restrictive for clients or projects requiring more flexibility. 

Limited post processing (no image retouching, no photoshop)

The possibilities of graphic retouching within Matterports panoramas are limited, whether it’s simple adjustments of color or contrast levels, or more advanced modifications such as erasing disturbing elements, or physical obstructions, the quality of a Matterport visit depends mainly on the initial capture and much less on the subsequent post-production.

Mattertags only support basic content type

Unlike our personalized tours, the configurable points of interest of a Matterport tour can only contain basic content, such as text, URL links, photos or Youtube videos. It is therefore not possible to add rich content to the visit, like iFrame content, infographic material or promotional / explanatory videos hosted elsewhere than on Youtube.

Monthly Fees

A Matterport Virtual Tour will only remain accessible and online if the customer pays a monthly renewable fee. The minimum charge is $ 9.95 USD per month, which increases with the size of the visit. As soon as the customer stops paying, the visit becomes unavailable to him or guests. In short, a Matterport virtual tour does not belong to the customer, but to Matterport, which only sells licenses.

Make your Matterport visit an
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