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in 360°

Product photography in 360°

At Virtuo 360, one of our specialties is traditional or interactive 360 ​​degree product photography, as well as 360 product video.

Interactive photography in 360 degrees.

This type of photography makes it possible to produce an image of your product so that it is visible from all angles. This allows your customers to rotate the object on the screen at a fixed speed or by manually placing it in the desired angle.
Our interactive photographs are composed of 24, 36 or 48 views, which allows a rotation fluidity close to video.

These high or ultra-high definition (HD or 4K) images can then be used directly in your online store and on your website or in your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google My Business and LinkedIn profiles. Note that it is also possible to produce animated GIFs with this type of photography.

As for our traditional photography service, the basic touch-ups are included in the price, but it is also possible to choose a more personalized style than simply the object on a white background. In such cases, just provide us with reference images or come chat with us!

Note that for this type of photography, it is equally important if not more to provide us with a product that is in the best possible condition to ensure the quality of the final images.

360° video

The 360 ​​video remains one of the most realistic ways to present the physical features of a product without having it physically in hand. This type of representation helps to better understand the shape and texture of the object by observing how it interacts with the light as it rotates.

As with our photography service, it is possible to vary the background or build a more personalized look.

According to your needs, the video can be delivered in HD and 4K, depending on whether you simply use it on the web, or during a presentation for a trade show or conference.

360° product images for your social media marketing

Animated GIFs are an ideal format to promote your products in 360 ° on your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google My Business and LinkedIn profiles.

Why photo and 360 video?

360 photos and videos help increase your sales by allowing customers to see your product in maximum details, which allow them to buy with more confidence, as this type of presentation eliminates in large part the possibility of unpleasant surprises that photos with less detail and perspective can’t prevent.

It's also a great way to stand out from your competitors and position yourself as a high-end company, offering top quality products.

Traditional product photography

A traditional product photograph is a high definition image on a white background taken at a specific angle. This is the type of photo that is normally used in an online store, catalogue or brochure, whether it is printed or virtual.

After the photo shoot, you will receive corrected images of your products in ready-to-publish or ready-to-print formats. We have partnerships with professional printing companies, which also allows us to produce pamphlets, catalogues, menus or others.

professional photos for products
Traditional product photography

We take care of the basic touch-ups, tone control, colour balance and background cleaning, but we can also do advanced editing on demand, such as compositing or graphic design.If you want to have another background colour or a specific look, you can also send us reference images so that we can stick to your vision as much as possible.

Be certain to provide us with products that are in perfect condition, meaning clean and without defects or damage, in order for us to produce the best images possible.