How can a Google Virtual Tour help my business?

When potential customers look for your business in the Google search engine, they'll see published images directly on the results page. These panoramic images will also be published on Google Maps results pages, so your future customers can quickly get a sense of your business, geolocation, layout, and traffic of your products and your brands. You can also by using html snippets or Maps APIs applications, attach your images with links leading directly to your website and thus increase your traffic.

How will my business be photographed, where will I be able to look at the pictures once they are processed?

Our photographers have all successfully completed their training with Google, so they can capture high quality HDR panoramas following strict guidelines. These images then get assembled into 360 degrees views that you can then see and download on your Google My Business profile.

If people appear in my visit, will they be identifiable?

Or focus is to show your business and its product in the best possible way. During the photo session, our photographers informed everybody in the vicinity (customers and staff), that they might appear on the images. More so, it must be understood that it is the business owner responsibility to inform customers and staff of the photo session on the due date. In every case, faces are always blurred out, for protection of the right to privacy.

Will the shooting session have an impact on my business operations?

We know that your priority lies in your day-to-day operations, which is why we try to be as less disruptive as possible during our visit, by planning ahead with you. As we do not use cumbersome equipment, space congestion will be minimal.

Which parts of my business will be visible?

The virtual tour of your business will mainly present areas that are accessible to the public. You can decide with the photographer what you want to show or hide during the session. The main objective of the photographer will be to show the highlights of your business to a future clientele.

What should I do to get ready before the shooting session?

We ask you to clean your space and remove bulky objects such as cardboard boxes, bottles, cans, plastic bags or paper, coffee cups or other incongruous objects. Keep in mind that the goal is to show future consumers your business as if they were discovering it by visiting you physically.

How long does a photo shoot take?

In most cases a photo session takes place over a period of one hour, but this can vary depending on the surface to be covered. The exact duration of the session will be confirmed during the evaluation by one of our agents or  photographers.

What does the Google Certified Photographer do that I cannot do myself?

Google Certified Photographers are regularly trained to be able to shoot in sometimes difficult conditions such as cramped or poorly lit places. Google Certified Photographers are also equipped  and trained with specialized equipment such as Fisheye lenses, panoramic swivel heads and levelled  tripods to ensure optimal quality of the shots before uploading them to Google's integration platform which will convert them smooth virtual tour of your business.